Why Diversity Matters

Why Diversity Matters

While the correlation does not directly equal causation (i.e. greater gender and ethnic diversity in corporate leadership does not automatically translate into more profit), the correlation does indicate that when companies actively commit to diverse leadership, they are relatively more successful than those that do not. More diverse companies are better able to win top […]

The bamboo ceiling

Now we’ve all heard the ‘glass ceiling’ and how difficult it is for women securing leadership roles in the boardroom. And then there’s the ‘bamboo ceiling’. Though Australia prides itself on its multiculturalism and diversity, time and time again Asian Australians find it increasingly difficult to secure a place in the boardroom. With the government’s […]

The keys to succeeding in ASEAN

Fantastic opportunities are present in ASEAN, virtually across all industries. With industries (namely manufacturing) moving away from a now relatively expensive China, ASEAN presents itself as a cost-effective and a marketplace just waiting to develop into something significant. This places Australia right at the forefront of this wave of opportunity and mutual prosperity. Australian businesses […]